Shopkick Grocery

Shopkick is a shopping rewards app that allows users to earn free gift cards while they shop.

Project Term

February 2017 - April 2017

The project

During my first year at Shopkick, we were excited to bring two major new product experiences to market for our users. The first of those two major experiences was Shopkick Grocery.

Shopkick Grocery was a new feature that helped users find rewards on everyday items in one place within our app. In addition to making it easier to find offers, the launch of the new feature also brought thousands more in reward points up for collection.

I worked closely with our marketing team to bring the new feature to life and to capture its value for our users. For this project, I developed the conceptual direction, design, and production of all elements of the campaign.

Shopkick Grocery Concept

Developing the concept

At Shopkick, our brand is built on bringing moments of joy to our users and partners. This became the foundation for the design concept that I developed for the campaign. I envisioned the typical experience of grocery shopping - mundane, routine, and also somewhat of a hassle - and imagined what it would look like if there was a moment of joy injected into it.

What if there were a little celebration every time you went grocery shopping with Shopkick?

I tried two approaches - illustrated and photographic, to see what fit best. I took inspiration from the idea of a personal party in the grocery store - like “little wins” that relieve you from the mundane. I decided to take key moments and scenes from grocery shopping and illustrate them as if a confetti cannon had exploded above the scene, raining delightful confetti and gift cards down on the moment.

I iterated on these concepts numerous times before deciding that they could ultimately be used for different audiences within the campaign - the photographic style would be used for prospective users, and the illustrated style would be used for current users. This aligned with tests we had conducted where we found that new user acquisition ads ran best with photographic elements versus our illustrated style.

Shopkick Grocery Photographic Concepts
Shopkick Grocery Illustrated Concepts

Building the campaign

After creating some illustrated assets that would bring the joyfulness of the campaign to life, I began to compose graphics for emails, social media, and in-app promotion.

Each asset took a different angle on the value proposition that we were offering more kicks for the items you shop for everyday. Emails allowed for longer-form communication of not only the value prop, but also more elements that would educate users on the basics of the new feature. In-app promotion required more focused, to-the-point messaging, due to space and placement constraints.

Grocery launch email announcement
in-app grocery announcements and communications
Facebook header images

Learnings & takeaways

Unfortunately, we learned after several months that the new feature wasn’t the best product-market fit for our users. Although the product experience itself wasn’t as successful as we wanted it to be, I’m excited that many of the visual styles and elements that I created for the launch live on as foundational elements of our design system. Getting the chance to shape the way our design team’s use of illustration, photo styles, and other visual elements was a great experience in itself and I’m excited that they’re still able to inspire joy in our users.