Hey, I’m Amanda Chong!

I'm a designer in the San Francisco Bay Area making stuff for work and play.

Most recently worked on the HubSpot Product team designing CMS Hub. Previously created delightful and conversion-oriented customer experiences for the Marketing teams at HubSpot, Shopkick and Axcient. I love a good bowl of ramen, plants, and playing games on my Nintendo Switch.

CMS Hub Growth Theme

I took an innovative approach to website theme design in HubSpot CMS Hub, leading design and strategy for a new theme built to reduce time to value for Marketers.

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CMS Hub Growth Theme

HubSpot Business Templates Directory

I led testing and design for this web application that scales organic traffic to the HubSpot website and delivers hundreds of leads per day. This directory utilizes a design system that I created to allow us to design and build applications like this efficiently.

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HubSpot Business Templates Directory

Shopkick Promo Unit Framework

Creating a design system allowing clarity and consistency across in-app communications.

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Promo Unit Guidelines

HubSpot Product Branding

I created a logo design system and wordmarks for each of HubSpot’s core product offerings, or Hubs.

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SNP Technologies

SNP Technologies

I helped SNP Technologies establish a visual brand and voice, bringing visual consistency and a fresh, new look to brand and marketing communications.

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SNP Technologies

Greeting Cards

I designed a few greeting cards and printed materials that were sold and printed through Shutterfly.

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Greeting Cards

Illustration & Lettering

Random illustrations and hand lettering I’ve created. Some for projects, and some just for fun.

Follow me on Instagram for my latest hand lettering work and process videos!

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I enjoy writing about design, careers, identity, and life on my Medium profile.

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